Casing End Seals


  • a safe and economic system for pressureless sealing the annual space between
    casing and carrier pipe, secured by stainless steel bands and fasteners, for new
    installation or retrofitting

  • keeps the casing interior dry in order to protect the carrier pipe against corrosion 

  • available in EPDM, NBR, CR and silicone
compensates thermal expansions  and contraction without leakage of pipelines
  • operating temperatures from -30° C up to +110° C


  • EPDM rubber, silicone on request, to standard seal combinations of casing and carrier pipe from DN 25 to DN 600 mm, enables also non-centric application, expandable up to 10%



Type KAKT 135-165, KAWM 320-800

EPDM rubber, NBR on request, for carrier pipes from DN 125 to DN 800 mm
the conical shape of the seal allows a cutting down to the desired  pipe diameter
only 6 KAKT/KAWM seals cover pipe sizes from DN 125 to DN 800 mm

Type KAST 

EPDM and NBR rubber, with integrated dimension marking from
    OD 20 to OD 160 mm for desired diameter cutting-off on site

  • only 3 types of type KAST seals cover the dimension range from
    OD 25 to OD 160 mm


  • 5 types of type KTPS seals from EPDM cover the dimensions from
  • OD 110 to OD 610 mm
  • two casing pipe sizes per type are already pre-moulded for
    installation convenience as a collar 



Type KAKG Conical Shape, Type KAKO Split Version

2 mm Neoprene rubber (CR), NBR and Silicone on request
for carrier pipes DN 25 to DN 1300 mm, for external jacket DN 37,5 to DN 3000 mm


with one cable duct opening (CDO), additional outlets on request

  • soft PVC with thickness of 5 to 8 mm, reinforced  TYPE KASTM-V with
    9 to 11 mm thickness, max temperature +55° C, no stock item, made to order
  • by applying a special sealing adhesive and using double tightening tapes the seal will remain leak-tight against outside water pressure


from high quality soft PVC, pressure tight up to 1,0 bar, 

  • cover the dimension range from DN 50 to DN 1100 mm

  • additional cable duct opening (CDO)available on request 
  • due to the exceptional flexibility and with a wall thickness of 9 to11 mm they accommodate axial and radial movements between casing and carrier pipe

  • delivered with special sealing adhesive and strong stainless steel bands and fasteners


for sealing wall penetration secure and permanently especially of warm growing pre-insulated pipes of large dimension
  • from synthetic elastomer with a thickness of 5 mm
  • water tight, leak proof against pressing water up to 1 bar at max. 75 mm annular space
  • temperature resistant max. +55°C, for higher temperature please consult us
  • available in any size of the casing and/or carrier pipe as manufactured to order



Type KAWK 

  • thermal contracting black PE split-shrink system with integrated adhesive for diameter changes of up to 35 % and for wall thicknesses of 2 to 3 mm
  • for carrier pipes DN 75 to 400 mm – casing pipes DN 15 to DN 750
  • for carrier pipes DN 450 to DN 750 mm – casing pipes DN 800 to DN 1400 mm