Casing End Seals

Casing End Seals

  • safe and economic System for sealing the annual space between carrier pipe and casing.
  • for safety reasons casings are used for the underground crossing of highways, thoroughfares, railroads and residential areas when laying pipe for natural gas, town gas, oil and water. It is important that the casing interior is kept dry in order to protect the carrier pipe against corrosion
  • our various types of Casing End Seals provide a safe, clean and cost effective-solution for new installation or retrofitting. They are available in EPDM or NBR for oil and gas applications, Shore A: 50±
  • Casing End Seals are installed easily and rapidly, they are pulled over the outer ends of the casing and the carrier pipe, and are secured by stainless steel straps and locks, seals stretch or shrink 7% from actual dimensions
  • all Casing End Seals are made of EPDM material being highly resistant to ageing with excellent mechanical strength
  • every Casing End Seal is supplied in a ready-to-install condition including suitable steinless steel straps and locks
  • Casing End Seals are not suitable for pressurised piping systems, for such applications we recommend the use of our „Modular Sealing System“


    Subject to change without notice

    Casing End Seals TYPE N

    • sealing material EPDM  

    • compensates thermal expansions  and contraction without leakage of pipelines

    • operating temperature from -30 to +100° C





    dimensions can be extended/reduced with two End Seals in combination with a metal sleeve




    Silicone End Seals for operating temperature from -55 to +230°C available on request



    End Seals Type KT

    • preventing the ingress of moisture and soil into the annular space between carrier pipe and casing sleeves
    • 3-4 mm thick high-quality EPDM-rubber
    • size from DN 100 to 600 casing
    • different sizes are printed on the sleeves to simplify the cutting
      of the right size
    • low storage costs as only five sizes of sleeves from DN 100 to 600
      to be stored
    • Stainless Steel straps for clamping applicable for all diameters




    DN mm
    100/125-0 110/135-10
    150/200-0 165/215-10
    250/300-50 270/320-50
    350/400-80 350/402-80
    500/600-150 508/610-150

    End Seals Type FW


    • especially developed to provide a pressure-tight seal between pipes carrying media and casing pipes
    • the seals consist of high quality Rottolin material and thanks to their wall thickness of 9-11 mm they are particularly dimensionally stable
      and pressure tight up to 0.5 bar
    • as a result of their exceptional flexibility they accommodate axial and
      radial movements between the casing and carrier pipe
    • to guarantee the integrity of the seal the annular gap should
      not exceed 70 mm
    • a special, permanently elastic sealant-adhesive is sprayed on to the collar of the seal which is then secured over the casing and carrier pipe by means of Stainles Steel straps
    • before backfilling, the seal must be covered with an expanding-type padding




    Sectional drawing

    Technical Data  
    Material Rottolin
    Material thickness 9-11 mm
    Colour red
    Shore hardness approx. 500
    Tensile strength 11 N/mm
    Breaking elongation 400%
    Initial tear resitance 27 N/mm
    Max. continuous operating temprature 55°C