Leak Detection Foam

Leak Detection Foam "Frost"

Frost proof Leak Detection Foam detects all leaks on

  • pipes
  • tubes
  • fittings and valves
  • welded and threaded connections
  • pressurised vessels
  • suitable for all kind of gases and compressed air
  • temperature range -15°C to +70°C
  • at very cold weather, or at installations with very cold gases the foam reaches its coldness-stability according to ASTM D1177-94 at -15°C
  • up to 80°C the foam stays free of seething bubbles, even at this high temperature the foam performs well
  • easy leak detection due to the formation of dark bubbles on white foam (black and white contrast)
  • foam stays in place for a long time allowing to check several connections at the same time
  • the application tube allows an exact and material saving application
  • non combustible, non corrosive, does not damage or cause stress corrosion cracking on PE (acc. to ASTM D 1693), PP and other plastics
  • available in spray cans of 400 ml / 15 cans per box