Spray Prevention Tape, PP

Spray Prevention Tape

for Flange Connection

  • approx. 1 mm transparent Polypropylene (PP) with hook-and-loop fastener
  • widths 50, 70, 100 and 140 mm, in coils of 50 m length
  • 5 mm integrated bridges and clip hooks allow equal distances over the full flange diameter
  • temperature resistant from approx. –40°C to +110°C
  • UV light resistant and minimised stress cracking, suitable for installation outdoor
  • fit securely on vertically installed pipelines
  • unpressurised run-off of media possible due to side outlet aperture, also allowing early leak detection
  • additional safety when dismanteling flanged joints
  • only 2 sizes (50 and 70 mm) cover flange connections from sizes NB 15 to NB 500, thus simplifying stock holding

Flange connection must be protect by spray prevention tape if


  • aggressive media at temperatures higher than 60°C are being transported
  • the working pressure exceeds 1 bar



Self created spray prevention do not seal flanges effectively. Therefore, control of the space between the flange and the spray prevention tapes is not possible. If small leakages are discovered late, the gap between the two flanges become filled with the aggressive medium. As a result bolts and screws are attacked or destroyed, dismantling of the flange connection can then result in serious personal and material risk.

Such self created spray prevention very often expand after short time of use due to change of temperature, ageing and movement,especially on vertically installed pipelines.

In case of minor leakages the media escapes and flows between the flanges and tape. This creates eddies, which reduce the pressure to such a degree that the spraying media become unpressurised.

If the gap between the flange and the spray prevention tape is filled with glass wool, possible leakage is controlled in such a way that only drops are emitted from the spray prevention tape.


  • assembly is extremely easy and quick due to hook-and-loop fastener
  • cut required length depending on flange circumference of safety tape in right width acc. to the table above
  • the ends should be overlapping by approx. 40 to 60 mm (1,6 to 2,4 inch)
  • cut a piece of the included safety tape (recommend length approx. 1/4 of circumferences)
  • the safety tape can be fixed already at one end for better handling
  • place the safety tape tightly around the flange and press it onto the overlapping area
  • closure allows repeated opening/closing and re-tightening