ProPlast System

Full range of pull-out resistant fittings for quick and simple installation of
standard PE 80/100 and PE multiy-layer pressure pipes

  • Fittings made of C-Steel, RILSAN coated (W270, NFS61, WRAS)
  • Clamps made of Stainless Steel 1.4404 / 1.4482 / AISI 3162,
    Bolts A4-80, bars 1.4404 / 1.4571 / AISI 3162 / 316TI
  • for water, waste water, industrial plants and maintenance applications from -5°C to + 40°C
  • applicable whenever pipes cannot be connected by conventional technologies
  • available for PE pipes
    SDR 11 PN 16 d 63 – d110 mm
    SDR 17 PN 10 d110 – d315 mm
  • highly resistant against corrosion and oxidation
  • suitable for pipe connections in contaminated soils 
  • quick and simple installation, no pipe ends preparation necessary
  • no specific technical knowledge required 
  • easy repair of damaged PE pipes with the Repair Coupler to a length of 100 mm, other length on request
  • ProPlast is a great alternative compared to the fusion of PE pipes – clean, cost saving and primarily safe connection and with time saving preparations




PE pipes with additive protective layer and diffusion aluminum barrier layer are used when drinking water pipe lines are installed in contaminated soils.


Connecting such pipes in a conventional manner, the aluminum layer must be removed imperatively. 

This operation in not necessary at all if the
ProPlast System is applied. 

          PE Pipe with aluminum layer