HP Flange Adaptor PN25

High Pressure (HP) Flange Adaptor
PN10/16/25, patented





  • consisting of PE-100 special HP Flange Adaptor acc. to DIN 16963
    with long welding spigot and loose “RILSAN” coated Ductil Iron
    or steel flange acc to EN 1092-1, PN10, other material on request
  • identical cross section
  • PN10/ 16 working pressure
  • DN50 - DN600, optionally up to DN16000
  • SDR17/ PN10 with flat EPDM gasket, O-ring optional
    SDR11/ PN16 and SDR7,4/ PN25 on request
  • up to DN200 DVGW approved, Reg.No. DV-4508B00259
    acc. to DVS 2210-1 together with approved gas and / or water
    profile gaskets acc. DIN EN 682/681-1
  • EP no. 0793049






  • axial transfer of force across full face of flange adaptor




  • optional force distribution across full face of the flange adaptor
  • supporting effect obtained from a circumferential chamber surrounding the flange adaptor






        identical cross section
        allowes for piging

The HP loose flange connection is composed of a special stub end and a flange
with high quality epoxy coating.

The available contact surface is fully effective.

The outside diameter of the stub end is guided by webs in the flange.

In adition the stub end is equipped with an inner torus and a circular groove.
This ensures that the critical area is fully supported and transmission of pipe
forces is improved.

When pressure is applied deformation of the stub end is thus not possible - the
connection will remain durably tight, re-torquing is not necessary.